7 Practical Online Cricket Betting Tips

By reading online cricket betting tips, you will learn how easy and safe online cricket betting can be. Most importantly, these tips can save you time and effort. Now let’s take a look at 7 of the most important cricket betting tips.

1. Research the strategy thoroughly

Before placing a bet, you should study the strategy in depth. When you conduct thorough research, you can understand how previous matches have played out between teams. The statistics and records will ultimately allow you to make an intelligent decision on which team to bet on. So always research and develop a strategy before placing a bet.

2. Choose the type of game

There are three main types of cricket games, Test, T20 and ODI.

  • Test cricket is the oldest and longest form of the game. Each test cricket match lasts for five days and is played 90 times a day.
  • The second format, the ODI (One Day International), has 100 overs per game divided into 50 overs per side. The game is completed in a single day only. Therefore, batters usually score quickly in the early stages of the game.
  • The shortest format of the three is T20 (Twenty20). Even though it is the shortest, this format is thrilling. In a T20 game, there are only 20 overs per game.

Remember that choosing the right format of the game is important to the overall online cricket betting tips.

3. Value bets

Compare the odds offered by various bookmakers and ensure that the risk of your bet does not outweigh the reward. always check which bet is the better value first.

4. Compare various markets

As with other sports, online cricket betting offers a wide variety of markets to choose from. Exploring different markets will let you know whether to reduce or increase your odds. Also, the value of your bets will change.

5. Secure and reliable sites

Always bet on online cricket on a secure website. There are many fake sites online. Check if the app or website has security and ssl encryption, it’s all about the safety of your investment money, remember!

6. Pay attention to promotions

Online cricket betting sites usually offer promotions. The best way to get the most out of your money is to take a look at the best promotions. The premise is that one must have a good betting strategy.

7. Live betting

Live betting allows bettors to wager on the game at hand. The advantage of using live betting is that players can increase their chances of winning quickly. Even though live betting can be extremely rewarding, remember that it takes some time to become familiar with it.


Remember, reading online cricket betting tips is necessary action before betting. It can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble.