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Cricket Betting Legality in India-
There is one question that Indian players always want to know and one that we are asked most often: Is cricket betting legal in India?

Some would say no because there are no local betting sites in India. Others will say that it is legal and so far no one has been prosecuted for betting online.

Both of these statements can be true. What can be said is that there is no official law in India that prohibits people from betting online, but there is a clear prohibition on people developing online cricket betting businesses in India. In other words, bookmakers outside India can offer their services to Indian players, as long as they accept rupees.

A legal betting site in India must have

  1. be based outside the country
  2. accept Indian rupees

Conversely, if a site lacks one of these, you should not continue. Choosing a legal site is always our priority!

Explanation of Gambling Laws in India
The Public Gambling Act of 1867, which is mostly followed in India today, means that gambling is not a crime, but only in casinos or public places within the country. In other words, online cricket betting is currently not illegal in India.

What Kind of Cricket Betting Tips Do We Provide?

Pre-Game Research

Failure to plan is a plan to fail, and this expression can’t be more true when betting on cricket or any other sport for that matter. Our pre-match research is the foundation of making a tip. We investigate everything there is to know about the two sides before they face each other on the pitch.

Pre-game research is done days or even weeks before the game is scheduled to take place. Of course, many things can happen in the meantime, which is why we don’t release our cricket betting tips until just a couple of days before the game.

Our experts dig everything there is to know about the game through multiple reliable sources. They check cricket stats pages, official social media pages of involved teams, announcements and reports from other analysts, and more.

Team Rosters & Injuries

One of the most important things we concern ourselves with when making online cricket betting tips are the rosters and probable XIs for each team. It can happen that one team is better when playing with all of their players, but what if, for example, their top batsman is injured or the team decides to rest some of their bowlers? However, the injury report is only one part of the research. Certain players might look good overall, but it’s also important to check their form coming into the match. They could have had a great season, although they didn’t perform well in the last few games.

Weather Conditions

Just like all other sports played in the open, cricket matches can be affected by weather conditions. While this is something many punters ignore when making their bets, our analysts always check the weather forecast before releasing their final cricket betting tips.

But how do weather conditions actually play a role in cricket? In general, if the skies are clear and there’s no wind, the batsmen usually end up scoring more runs. On the other hand, humid weather with heavy overcast tends to help out the bowlers.

Warm weather results in the grass being dry, which affects the bounce of the ball and assists the batsmen. In overcast conditions, the ball tends to swing a lot more, which goes to the advantage of the bowlers.

As far as rain goes, it doesn’t really benefit any side. The pitch takes longer to dry out and can cause a problem to batsmen, while the ball also might get slippery and make the bowlers have trouble with gripping it.

Predicting the weather is harder than making good online cricket betting tips, but forecast technology has evolved over the years, so we can now know exactly what sort of weather to expect, even several days before the match.

Ground & Pitch History

Last but not least, our betting predictions for a cricket match involve looking at the type of pitch where the game is about to take place. There are various types of pitches in cricket, with each affecting the match differently.

For example, hard pitches can turn dusty after several days of play, which can benefit spinners. These types of pitches are commonly found in India. Grass pitches located in cooler climates favour swing/fast bowling. If the pitch has no cracks and no grass, it will be referred to as a flat pitch, ultimately favouring batsmen and resulting in matches with high scoring.

Plenty of other sports have what’s called home advantage, and this is greatly emphasised in cricket. The home team will always prepare the pitch in a way that favours their batsmen and bowlers while also looking to create a disadvantage to the opposing team. Our experts consider all this when they make their prediction and come up with objective online cricket betting tips.

Odds Comparisons

After we complete our match predictions and figure out which bets are best to be taken, we are only halfway done in completing our cricket betting tips. The second step involves scanning all the available cricket betting sites in the search of the best available odds.

We do this by going from one sportsbook to another and comparing the same exact market to see which one has the highest odds.

For example, one bookie might have the odds of 3.10 for a given market, while some other betting site can have odds of 3.50 for that same market. So, if you placed ₹1,000 on sportsbook A, you’ll be looking at a potential profit of ₹3,100, while wagering that same money on sportsbook B can have you looking at a payout of ₹3,500. It’s not that great of a difference, but taking the best available odds every single time will payout in the long run.

Things to Pay Attention to When Selecting a Cricket Betting Site

On the surface, all of these cricket betting sites might look the same, but you should be familiar with some minor differences between them. It’s important to pay great attention to these differences in order to choose a betting site that suits you the most.

Number of Cricket Events

Some bookies only offer betting on selected cricket events and ignore many less popular national leagues and tournaments. If you like betting on lower-level leagues and competitions, you should search for a website that specialises in cricket betting, as it will likely offer odds on every known cricket game.

Payment Options

Online sportsbooks can also differ in the variety of payment options they accept. The available methods may include credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, direct bank transfers, cheques, e-wallets, vouchers, cryptocurrencies, and more. However, not all betting sites accept all of these methods, and some may have different deposit and withdrawal limits than others.

Cricket Betting Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses represent a way to extend your bankroll and give you the opportunity of making the most out of our cricket betting tips. Of course, some sportsbooks are more generous than others in this regard, so if bonuses are your thing, you should dig out betting sites that have the most rewarding free bets and cash promotions. Note that before you use any sports betting bonus, you should carefully read through the bonus terms and conditions.

Number of Markets

A single cricket game can have dozens of markets, but not all websites are so versatile when it comes to market coverage. If you only prefer betting on the match winner or over/under, you will find those markets on practically every website. However, if you’re more interested in player props and various in-game betting options, you should do your research more thoroughly, as not all bookies cover these very well.

So, find a safe and secure betting site and start betting!

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