Online Cricket Betting Sites- Fraudulent Traps

A small percentage of online cricket betting sites are ruining the good name of the industry. Fraudulent casinos can take your deposits or winnings, and, in the worst case scenario, steal your personal data. Fortunately, this article will guide you in avoiding online cricket betting sites scams.

Requesting Your Personal Information
According to a study conducted in 2017, online fraud stole $107 billion worldwide. Fraudulent gambling sites often ask players to provide unwanted personal data. Therefore, be careful when an online cricket betting sites suddenly suspends your account and asks you to confirm your identity.

Delayed or non-payment of winnings
Another online cricket betting sites red flag is delayed or complete non-payment. Unfortunately, these casinos all honor small bonus payments. But when players score high, online cricket betting sites may refuse to pay for flimsy reasons.

A good example is Andrew Green, who was deprived of £1.7 million in winnings by a UK online casino in 2018. It took the intervention of the High Court for the gambler to get his money. So, in conclusion, please examine the frequency of casino payments.

Unknown software providers
recently hundreds of online cricket betting sites software providers have emerged because of the high demand for games. However, among the legitimate software developers, some providers’ games are manipulated to support fraudulent casinos.
Usually, rigged online cricket betting sites allow players to get a win or two. Before you notice the difference, know that it is almost impossible to beat the house edge.

Ultra-low RTP or not at all
This is a continuation of point 3 above. Not only do fraudulent online cricket betting sites offer games from little-known developers, but they also offer games with low RTP (return to player) rates. Be wary of casinos that offer RTP rates of less than 80%.

Unresponsive Customer Service
Typically, the best online cricket betting sites offer various 24/7 customer support methods. This can be done via email, live chat, or phone. Try contacting them to see if they have professionally resolved your issue.

Attractive Bonus Promotions
Many legitimate casinos offer bonuses to new and existing players. However, when the deal seems too attractive, reconsider. Fraudulent casinos often offer coveted bonuses, only to require the receiving player to deposit money before being rewarded. In short, fraudulent casinos hide in their bonus programs.

You can play at licensed and regulated gambling sites. Or check that the games have been tested for fairness by organizations such as eCOGRA. Most importantly, update your desktop or smartphone operating system regularly to take advantage of the latest security features. Play safe!