The Charm of Online Betting is Hard to Resist

Cricket is the national sport of India and has inspired a fervor for sports betting among the locals, but betting and entertainment is not just for sports fans, it is also popular among cricket players.

Research by the Professional Players Federations shows that many cricket players are either betting or interested in doing so. In fact, the relationship between cricket and betting has long been inextricable, and now with the rise of online casinos, it is even more visible.

The second most popular sport in the world
Let’s start with cricket! According to Sporteology, the world’s most popular sport, the number one sport is soccer, and the number two sport is not basketball or baseball, it’s cricket, the Indian favorite! Mainly popular in the Great Britain Association countries, including India, Australia, South Africa and so on.

It is estimated that cricket has about 3.5 billion fans worldwide, and India alone has about 730 million cricket fans. Cricket related industries from leagues, TV broadcasts to advertising revenue, etc., the market size is up to $360 billion.

With cricket being so popular, there is a natural place for online casinos in India. The Indian Cricket Team is one of the top cricket teams in the world and cricket betting has seen an increase in local participation. And it’s not just about just betting on matches, there are also cricket slots and cricket lotteries to be found in India with plenty of variety. Indian online casinos also offer a number of promotional rewards, especially for novice players.

Online Cricket Betting Apps – Cricket and betting are closely related
Cricket and betting have been close for many years. Players have been betting on the sport of cricket since the 16th century. But with the development of technology, many Indian players now prefer to bet online. Online casinos are also thriving because of the greater diversity of game types, but the one thing that remains constant is that cricket remains one of the most popular sports games. Well-known sports betting platforms such as William Hill and bet365 also have cricket betting programs.

According to a PPF survey, cricketers are the most likely sports players to be involved in betting. Whether they use gaming as a way to relax or want to seek more excitement off the field, studies have found that many cricketers even show signs of gambling addiction, which is why players have a system of rules to avoid overindulging in gambling activities.

The love of betting does not discriminate between men and women
Although in the past it seemed that women were less likely to be attracted to casino games, the percentage of men and women involved in gambling activities is now actually not far apart, with only partial differences in the categories of games they tend to play, but what is certain is that both men and women enjoy their time betting on entertainment. It is worth studying that although online casinos are popular with sports players in India, over the years, female athletes have not developed serious addiction problems like men.

Online Cricket Betting Apps – Sports sponsorship is an important driver
The survey found that a significant number of cricketers or other athletes confessed that they started participating in gambling because of “peer pressure”.

Some have described sports and betting as being like peanut butter and jam on toast, and advertisements for sports sponsorship by betting companies are commonplace.

In an effort to combat excessive gambling, some sports organizations have begun to promote “responsible gambling” initiatives, such as the Education and Football League (EFL). As long as the line is not crossed, betting is purely a recreational activity and not a problem. The feasibility of legalizing sports betting in India has also been discussed recently, see “Legalizing Sports Betting in India?

Anurag Thakur, India’s finance minister and president of the Board of Cricket Control, is a proponent of legalized sports betting. He believes that “betting activities would be an effective tool to combat match-fixing, which is why the feasibility of legalization needs to be considered.

India’s online gambling market has great potential
To conclude, the link between cricket, Indian online casinos and betting remains strong and is expected to be the same in the future, for which see “Is this the next big market for online betting?

Given that a large part of cricket sponsorship comes from betting companies, the relationship is expected to become closer rather than more distant in the future, and with the debate on the legalization of sports betting, the security of sports betting in India can be better protected if there is extensive and clear legislation to regulate it in the future. And don’t forget, India is a country with a population of 1.3 billion people, the potential to develop a large market for online betting is just around the corner!

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